Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings,
a member of the Madala Group

Specialists in manufacturing consulting services and
software products to underpin world class operations.

Manufacturing Accelerator ProgrammeTM - your Fast-Track to Success
Designed primarily for medium manufacturers who want to remain in the driver’s seat and win the race, MAPTM provides the strategy, training and technology to put you on Pole Position.



Our focus is on software for the automotive, mining, metals and process industries, as well as utilities. Niche software products address supply chain, production management, safety, quality and customer relationship issues, with each product having been chosen for its unique ability to give management accurate current and forward looking information, as well as historical performance. We are committed to customer success, both in the long and the short term, and to making a real difference in this global nation of South Africa, and in the rest of Africa.


Solution Set Map

Particular groupings of offerings are carefully selected to maximise the control and detail that enable companies to deliver superior returns, often complementing existing investments in information management technologies. The full power of the solutions sets is unleashed when deployed together with the superior consulting services of our Manufacturing GurusTM and integration platform.

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About Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings

The name Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings, while sounding controversial, is derived from the power of focus and specialisation, in contrast to the “shot-gun” approach to business we see so often in practice, that leads to underperformance or in some cases even total business failure.

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings, (est. 2001) is a distributor, reseller and implementer of leading operational management software systems for large and medium businesses. But more than that, it is a consultant and software vendor with a real difference.

Driven by our customers’ need to see what they confront now and what is coming, and not just what they would have seen if it were last week or last month, focusing on visibility, predictability and the control that comes from having real-time data at your fingertips, we ensure exceptional growth and performance. This is accomplished by blending superior management consulting experts (Manufacturing GurusTM) with high value-add, niche software products and our unique project methodology – Business Alignment and Growth BAGTM).
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