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Ian Huntly

CEO, Rifle Shot Performance Holdings & Manufacturing Accelerator ProgrammeTM SA

A passionate high energy multi-international award winning serial entrepreneur, manufacturing activist and business advisor, started fixing by motorcars at 14, before entering the music business and then engineering. Trained in large scale telecommunications engineering before adding business management to his repertoire.

Ian has more than and 45 years experience in designing innovative approaches to engineering and manufacturing businesses and is a specialist in performance and operational systems for the manufacturing, mining and utilities sectors in particular. Architecting complete systems including planning and optimisation, manufacturing enterprise systems and niche ERP to help companies achieve consistent exceptional performance beyond their peers.

Co-founded and currently leads Rifle- Shot Performance Holdings (since 2001, MAPTM (Manufacturing Accelerator ProgrammeTM) in SA, and MAP Implementation Partners in SA, enabling manufacturers, mining and utility companies across Africa deliver sustainable above average returns and growth.

Avid lover of country life, good vegan food, Italian motor bikes and cars and hard rock music and an active community member.

Specialities: Strategy, niche marketing, enterprise architecture, sales and organisational development, public speaking.

Email: ian.huntly@rsph.co.za

Dilley Naidoo

Business Development Director

I am Innovative, Professional and Passionate about nurturing and developing excellent Business and customer relationships from Executive to Operational personnel, across various Industry Segments in both Private and Public Sector Organisations.

In my Leadership role I enjoy Identifying, recruiting and developing talented and WINNING Teams.
I enjoy GROWING Businesses that stand out from the rest, thus increasing market penetration and marketshare, while increasing Stakeholder Value for All.

I enjoy creating and growing businesses with Innovative, Like Minded people who can REALLY assist in the growth of SMME's, thus improving Job Creation and Employment in South Africa and Africa.
I like working with people with a CAN DO Attitude, and a Positive Mental Outlook.

Email: dilley.naidoo@rsph.co.za

Guy Imbert

Director, CFO of Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings (Pty) Ltd and MAPTM

Email: guy.imbert@rsph.co.za

Nigel Noble

Sales Effectiveness | Client Centricity | Manufacturing and Process Industry ERP | Quality Assurance

Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings / Stratham Bryce International

I am an accredited Consultant and Delivery professional for Stratham Bryce International (SBI) who offer processes, Schools and consultancy services to address three primary areas:
1. To build effective and competent Sales and Sales Management teams.
2. To create a Customer Service culture.
3. To provide a comprehensive suite of Soft Skill courses to address the entire organisation's personnel and productive development needs across all disciplines.

With 46 years experience in Information Technology, with a specific focus on the Process and Manufacturing Industry segment I have aligned myself with Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings who are leaders in this Industry Segment, with their management consulting, use of Subject Matter Experts and a portfolio of focused software products and a unique project methodology, (Business Alignment and Growth), to effect exceptional operational performance in and with our clients.

I have also established a comprehensive network in South Africa and across Africa within the Information Technology industry to consult and construct solutions ensuring that the 'best of breed' providers are partnered to address client challenges and issues.

I am a person who enjoys personal interactions, playing golf (badly) and having conversations that are a distraction from my professional life. Dinners or Barbecues with close friends over a couple of glasses of red wine, and watching Marvel Comic movies or similar with my son.

Professionally I have been more attracted to coaching and mentor ship and seeing individuals reach or be on the path to reaching their full potential and remaining in touch as they achieve their goals.

Apart from the movies, my only TV is watching Tottenham Hotspur ( I was born there ), plus an interest in Music ( I was part of the Black Sabbath generation ), I would be a good addition to any Pub Quiz team.

Email: nigel.noble@rsph.co.za

Bill Haskins

Senior Consultant at Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings

Bill is the lead consultant responsible for assessing customer requirements, designing optimal  workflows then training and supporting users.  His background in Electronics, Computer engineering and programming, radar, telecommunications and Avionics provides him with strong empathy for the  technical and procedural issues faced by users, while his training and negotiation skills have honed his natural abilities to put users at ease and contribute freely, leading to exceptional implementations.

Bill is an ardent biker in his spare time.

Email: bill.haskins@rsph.co.za

Rob Clemo

Senior Specialist Consultant

Since 2000 have been consulting in Supply Chain Management helping companies optimise their existing operations and processes to improve their productivity and efficiencies. During this time Inventory Management (Demand Planning and Inventory Optimising) has been a very important part of all projects. This also involved setting up new business starts.

The areas covered are Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics, Inventory Management, Manufacturing, Engineering, Transport, Freight Forwarding and Warehousing/Distribution. This also involved the implementation and optimisation of a variety of ERP software systems.

During this time I have been working in Sub Saharan Africa, North Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Email: rob.clemo@rsph.co.za

Martin Maerien

Implementation Consultant at Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings

Martin has over 10 years of supply chain, planning and software project experience. His experience includes the integration of software deployment to support supply chain business processes as well as functional experience in production planning. Martin has gained his planning experience at Nissan South-Africa's Supply Chain Management Division and his software deployment experience at Sasol Energy and Sasol Base Chemicals through Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings.
Martin is a motivated leader always looking to excel. He is bigger picture thinker with a skill set to support analytical requirements. He can quickly understand new concepts and business ideas and their value proposition. He has gained experience in working with project teams and matching their capabilities with client needs to achieve project goals. He is well spoken and can effectively communicate to parties from board level through to shop floor staff.
Martin holds a Bachelors degree in Industrial Engineering (B Eng (Industrial)) from the University of Pretoria. (2004) and is currently completing a MBA from Henley Business School.
On a personal note, Martin enjoys playing golf and spending time outdoors. He is very easily liked and sociable. He also has a keen interest in other sports including Rugby and Cricket​.

Email: martin.maerien@rsph.co.za

Mike Smith

Business Management Systems Consultant

Educated in the UK with a BSc Degree in Engineering Science, Mike is a highly experienced Business Management Systems Consultant whose portfolio includes having worked with CEOs, management, engineers, consultants and staff at all levels across a broad range of disciplines including systems development, project management, design, engineering, procurement, manufacturing and construction phases in the civil, structural, electrical, mechanical, mining, IT and utility sectors.
Work undertaken over a period of 40 years covers a wide spectrum of industries and technologies such as military avionics; air-traffic control; aviation safety; weapon systems; uranium enrichment; nuclear plant equipment; precious metals mining and extraction; coal mining; conveyor systems; water purification; dry bulk handling; blast furnaces and power generation.
Past clients include Anglo Platinum, ArcelorMittal SA, Armscor, Atlas Aircraft Corporation, Botswana Telecomms, Eskom, GEA, Goldfields, Marconi, Richards Bay Coal Terminal, Richards Bay Port Authority, SAAF, SANDF, Transnet, UEC and Uniross.
Mike is single with two grown children, plays rock and classical guitar, and likes flying full-size and RC airplanes and shooting. He is also an RC flying instructor and firearms instructor.

Email: mike.smith@rsph.co.za

Lesley Matsomela

Technical Support

I am self-motivated, innovative, creative, results driven and have a positive attitude & outlook on life. I love a challenge and tackle them head-on. I believe that knowledge is power which is why I further my studies and will continue to do so. With that, I feel there are endless opportunities.

The supply chain management field is in where I see myself building a career. I see myself playing a crucial part in the operations and management of a company, coming up with innovative ideas, adding value, designing and implementing processes, strategy implementation, etc. I am passionate about the field and ensure that I keep up with trends in the business world. Apart from supply chain management, I enjoy being a tutor, a mentor and have entrepreneurial skills which I’d like to explore further. Growth, excitement, results, efficiency and responsiveness is what I am all about.

I therefore, consider myself an individual who strives for continuous improvement in all facets of life. I work to learn.

Email: lesley.matsomela@rsph.co.za

Hope Tozana

HR & Marketing Assistant

As a Marketing Assistant at Rifle Shot Performance Holdings, Hope brings with her exceptional customer services skills, she is meticulous in everything required to be done and she is effective in her communication through being well spoken and multilingual.

She has compiled reports for several companies covering topics such as Cable theft, SA’s deteriorating education system, Cooperatives in the agricultural sector and a job creation initiative which she presented to SALGA on behalf of Wysecom Resources. This stems from her passion to make a difference and alleviate the scourge of unemployment in South Africa.

She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree which she obtained at Milpark Business school, where she founded Milpark Youth Connect (MYC). In conjunction with her duties for MYC Hope headed the SRC team and took on community projects, assisted students academically and connected them with corporates where they would be exposed to graduate opportunities.

Hope enjoys reading novels and keeping abreast with current affairs, writing, singing and attending motivational, entrepreneurial and leadership seminars.

Email: hope.tozana@rsph.co.za

Mary Anne May

Administrative Support

Mary Anne has had a long working life end experience in many fields. She is dedicated and her attention to detail bolsters her capability in running the office at Rifle-Shot, where focus is key. Mary Anne is a proud grandmother.

Email: maryanne.may@rsph.co.za

Caroline Carter

Marketing Manager, Rifle-Shot

Driven by the need for radical social change in South Africa, Caroline strives to improve the general outlook on life and business in this country by adjusting attitudes towards personal development, business practice that encourages it, and a more responsible stance on the individual’s role in growth and development.

As a social skills specialist, Caroline applies her theoretical knowledge to the market she passionately serves.

Email: caroline.carter@rsph.co.za
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