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Manufacturing Accelerator Programme(TM) - your Fast -Track to Success

Designed primarily for medium-sized manufacturers who want to remain in the driver’s seat and win the race, MAPTM provides the strategy, training and technology to put you on Pole Position.

Built on the desire to maximise the long-term wealth in South Africa by fully utilising its abundant resources through the vehicle of local manufacturing, MAPTM works towards making all manufacturers globally competitive and vastly more profitable, ultimately facilitating job-creation.

Using a comprehensive and integrated set of tools and services from world-class Manufacturing GurusTM, MAPTM delivers growth by addressing fundamental components of competitiveness, improved customer service, business visibility and control and better production planning to reduce costs and radically increase profits.

Development is a continuous process which includes stabilization & optimization, keeping your business’s local and international acceleration at the correct speed around every corner.
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