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Sustainability Statement
Rifle-Shot Performance Holdings’ (Pty) Ltd (RSPH) core belief is to build a solid foundation that will leave a legacy for future sustainable growth.

Focused firstly on our people, implementing  sound processes and the latest technology to support these processes, this belief system is applied not only in our customer dealings, but most especially within our company.

Ensuring our people and processes are continually developed in a manner ensuring sustainability within our company means that RSPH's value system will continue even when our people move on. The values are built into our system so that no matter who joins the company, the values remain intact. The processes are naturally supported by the technologies that we sell and the support afforded to our customers

“We eat our own dog food”.

 We cannot expect customers to use what we are not prepared to use internally …
Transformation in every sense of the word is our driving force. By employing young graduates from all backgrounds, we are contributing to youth development as well as ensuring our B-BBEE score-card is ethically sound. Developing young graduates with fresh mind-sets reinforces our belief in the importance of the next generation of leaders. This is a symbiotic relationship in that their skill-sets are honed and they in return assist in keeping us abreast of current thinking,  which is all-important considering the community we serve are up and coming manufacturers seeking to be the best in their fields.

RSPH is a green-conscious organisation. We are committed to recycling and a paperless office is what we strive towards. We prescribe to our clients that they should file their data in a digital space, we do the same… the only actual paper you will find in our offices are library books bought long ago and shared among staff and clients.

With the abundant electronic tools available, travelling too is kept to a minimum.  We even recycle coffee grinds which is used as fertilizer and consume filtered bore-hole water in our offices.

We maintain energy consciousness ourselves (e.g. LED lights are the preferred choice) and encourage our customers to adopt the ISO 55000 standard in their approach to best practice energy management.

The longevity and sustainability of earth, people, processes… the business – even after its current directors decide to take the long vacation, is our motto.
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