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Companies in the waste management industry are facing increasing cost pressures and increased competition. The predominantly medium-sized waste management industry finds itself confronted with new challenges. Today, efficient processes and corporate transparency are more important than ever - companies need to respond specifically to withstand competition.

Tegos supports you with long-standing know-how and a unique waste-management solution. enwis)waste is a complete business software that covers all operational and business functions in the disposal operation. enwis)waste contains very practical and user-friendly features, such as
  • Order Processing
  • Container management
  • Disposal
  • eANV
  • Operational Journal
  • Telematics
The applications run without gateways and media breaks in one single system. enwis)waste often replaces up to a dozen specialized applications and ensures maximum efficiency. For more than 20 years, enwis)waste has been used by large and small medium-sized waste disposal companies, as well as from waste producing companies or special waste disposal companies, in the field of waste recycling.
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