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Based on Manufacturing Planner (MP) and Synchronized Resource Planner(SRP),our solution is the next generation in Advanced Manufacturing Planning (AMP).

Incorporation of a production order model, a continuous time bucket (bucket-less planning) and production flow synchronization, forms an innovative approach to complement MRP manufacturing planning process by synchronizing ERP in a dynamic, comprehensive model. This concept enables controlling production and inventories, in the medium- and long-term at finite capacity under constraints.

Key Benefits:
  • Up to 100% gains in customer service level and on-time performance
  • Up to 25% productivity gains and production cost reduction
  • Up to 75% reduction in wait time and cycle time
  • Up to 50% reduction in raw material, semi- finished and finished product inventories
  • Up to 400% time savings
For who? 
For manufactures who are subject to pressures summed up by four factors:
Price. To keep their customers following trade liberalization and the accession of emerging nations, companies must reduce their costs to maintain their margins.
Quality. Customers are more demanding: only companies that manufacture mid-range and high end products are still present in the market.
Quantities. The products’ life cycle is shortening, the number of parts numbers is increasing and ordered quantities are decreasing. Companies can no longer turn a profit using the economies of scale guaranteed by mass production.
Lead times. The decrease in quantities ordered and the shortening of the product life cycle mean that customers require increasingly shorter manufacturing and delivery lead times to meet changing and unpredictable requests.

The Leibherr Group is a large German equipment manufacturer specialising in cranes, aircraft parts and mining machinery.

They experienced:
  • 90% percent of service rate after 2 months of operation (compared to 70% before). No more  missing parts during installation due to planning related reasons
  • Reduction in lead times and cycle times. 
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