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WAM Supply Chain

Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling (SCPS) optimizes and streamlines the supply chain planning process with powerful procurement scheduling, production scheduling, and replenishment planning functionality.

A successful supply chain requires continuous improvement.
Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling provides real-time visibility across the entire supply chain. It assesses your company’s inventory, forecasts, production, distribution, orders, purchasing, finished products, and raw materials to calculate a real-time projection of your supply chain out into the future. A sophisticated Supply Chain Monitor allows you to quickly assess performance of all SKUs over time. The Supply Chain Monitor also supports what-if planning for assessing the impact of unplanned events.

Key Benefits:
  • Optimise Sourcing
  • Ensure accurate demand forecasting
  • Facilitate Effective Sales and Operations Planning
  • Maintain Balanced Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Reduce Distribution Costs
  • Be Prepared to Manage Unplanned Events
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Track performance KPI’s
Exceptional service depends on having the right inventory in the right place at the right time. However, extended global networks with multiple warehouses, terminals, and customer-sidings, along with ever-increasing product ranges are making the task of delivering on-time and in-full a deceivingly difficult process. Triple Point for Supply Chain Planning & Scheduling (SCPS) delivers the information you need to achieve minimal distribution costs.

“Our selection of the Triple Point solution was greatly influenced by its ability to quickly and easily model the complexities of process supply chains, provide visual displays, and deliver powerful optimization capabilities.”
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