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Particular groupings of offerings are carefully selected to maximise the control and detail that enable companies to deliver superior returns, often complementing existing investments in information management technologies. The full power of the solutions sets is unleashed when deployed together with the superior consulting services of our Manufacturing GurusTM and integration platform.

Based on leading thinking from industry experts, the belief that “The Devil is in the Detail” steers accurate decision making when industry specific models and solutions are applied, which leads to sector-leading profitability and growth.

RSPH’s tried and tested implementation philosophy is built around your people and processes. These provide the substance of your business, while the implementation of technology acts as an enabler and optimizer that steers the company strategy and ensures consistency of actions by embedding the framework for measuring and evaluating outcomes.

Competitive advantage occurs when the three elements of people, process and technology are aligned with the strategic intent defined by the governance procedures.

1. Business Alignment and Growth(BAGTM)
BAGTM represents RSPH’s trademarked set of processes for creating the alignment, setting the topology for growth and then stepping the business processes through the Prepare, Execute, Embed and Enhance levels of system maturity to achieve optimum levels of business development and growth. BAGTM is an integral part of the RSPH Project Methodology based on world leading standards of PRINCE2 and PMBOK, enhanced to ensure maximum effect.

Local and international markets, regulations and key-drivers constantly change, resulting in the need to re-assess previous strategies, decisions and systems to achieve the ever-shifting target of maintaining competitive advantage.

There is often the need for intervention by an independent third party to realign people, process and technology with the organisational intent.

Perspectives taken in our review cover strategic, tactical and operational foci.

Our approach commences with understanding the business, its markets and opportunities and the strategies to take greatest advantage of these through an enhanced Strategic Plan. This process also identifies opportunities for people, process and technology enhancements to better match the desired strategies. Far from being just a quick fix, the BAGTM transformative process is aimed at staying ahead of moving targets, representing the need for an on-going relationship in the quest for continuous improvement.

Our consultants are highly experienced and often authorities in their respective fields, and ably apply the customer specific programmes to engage the business, the personnel and the processes before, during and after the introduction of technology.

With the design based on the strategic direction of the organisation, and the three elements rigorously aligned through the BAGTM processes of the project, they combine to provide a powerful force for achieving operational objectives.

2. Project Implementation Methodology (PIMTM)
The RSPH Project Implementation Methodology draws on the leading standards of PMBOK and the Prince2 methodologies combined with the world-class tool infrastructure that RSPH has invested in, adapted for African conditions.

Customer projects are either stand-alone or more often part of a multi-phased portfolio of business improvement interventions covering a single or multiple sites. Where multiple sites are envisaged it is usually desirable to establish a base blueprint for the company and for this to be tested in one or more pilot sites before being rolled out across the organisation.

Where complex business transformation is envisaged, it is desirable to split the project into defined phases with milestones and goals and run these as a portfolio of projects.

Each project is divided into a number of processes or phases, each phase having its own identity and characteristics, the respective phases are:
  • Initiation Phase         
  • Planning phase        
  • Control phase            
  • Execution phase        
  • Project closing phase      

3. Service and Enhancement Programme (SEPTM)
Over the past twenty years the Global Village has been experiencing business and infrastructure change at exponential rates with diverse impact on every entity and every being, with the only prospect being one of accelerating change. From a business perspective, this means that it is no longer possible to implement processes and systems and expect them to continue delivering consistent value over its lifetime without enhancement.

Change means that each and every processing system will require continuous updating merely to keep up with the change in its environment, let alone to enhance the value it delivers.

While a step change in business value generation is generally expected during the implementation phase, there is seldom much thought given to future development where-in most of the value is generated.

RSPH’s Service and Enhancement Phase is a process of applying incremental change over the lifetime of the system, thereby improving the system fit to your business and enhancing your competitive advantage through a process of supporting Continuous Improvement (CI). Continuous follow-up training is essential.
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